Current novel is about AI. I came up with the idea after seeing a commercial for Alexa and realising how dependent people are on it. Don’t really adhere to a sub-genre. I prefer to write in the third person and past tense and my favourite part of being a writer is when the idea starts to develop and take hold. I literally just love to write. The hardest part is finding the time to actually write. I am a teacher and that takes up a hell of a lot of time, so I am relying on school holidays and weekends as evenings are taken up marking. I have been influenced by John Wyndham but also take inspiration from Lee Child, Disney Costeloe and Stephen King, even though they don’t write sci fi. A great sci fine book is The Martian by Andy Weir. People have probably seen the film, but I love the style of the book. Best way to find me online right now is Twitter. Hopefully once the book is published I will have a website